@FFPundits Survivor League

Join the best of the @FFPundits community in their 10-life Survivor League and prove you've got what it takes to be crowned champ!

Icon prize fifa18


The lucky winner of this league will receive one copy of FIFA 18! Tiebreakers are decided by goal difference, but in the rare event two players tie for first place with the same GD, two winners will be crowned and two prizes awarded. The winner will be able to choose their version of FIFA 18 either on PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3, XBOX 360 or PC. We will be in contact as soon as the league has ended to post the prize.

The Classic Football Survivor Rules

Icon rules lives classic

Everyone starts the game with 10 lives.

Icon rules win classic

If your chosen team wins, you don't lose any lives

Icon rules draw classic

If your chosen team draws, you lose 1 life.

Icon rules loss classic

If your chosen team loses, you lose 2 lives.